Course leader for "Introduction to energy systems", 10 credit course for 1st year civil engineer students. Link

Course leader for "Energy systems", 5  credit course for 2nd year civil engineer students. Link

Single lectures in life cycle assessment methodology and bioenergy technology in different courses at SLU and Uppsala University, continuously

Course leader for "Life Cycle Assessment with focus on bioenergy", PhD course SLU, autumn semester 2014.

Course leader for "Bioenergy and GHG accounting", PhD course Lund university, spring semester 2012.

Course leader for “Energy and life cycle assessment” 5 ECTS for civil engineer students at SLU during 2006-2009. Lectures, administration and project supervisor.

Course leader for “Life cycle assessment” 5 ECTS for Bachelor students at SLU, 2009.

Supervision Master thesis, approx.1- 2 per year

Pedagogic training

Course in supervision of Bachelor thesis writing, 1 week, 2016 
Course in doctoral supervision, SLU, 3 weeks, 2013
Media training, 1 day, SLU, 2012
Course in problem-based learning, Lund univ., 1 day, 2011
Course in Grading and Assessment, SLU, 3 days, 2008
Communication with a wider audience, SLU, 3 ECTS, 2008
Image handling in education, 1 day, 2006
Basic pedagogics, SLU, 6 weeks, 2005