Welcome to my homepage! I am an Associate Professor based in Sweden with main interest in environmental assessment of food and bioenergy systems. I have created this page so that anybody who is interested can learn more about me and my research.

Agricultural and forestry systems are often very complex, involving both biological and technical features. When evaluating the sustainability of a certain food, biofuel or bioenergy system, it is therefore important to have a wide systems approach. For this you can use different quantitative or qualitative tools and models. I mainly work with life cycle assessment (LCA), which is a quantitative evaluation tool. 

My Masters in agricultural engineering was completed 2004, and my PhD in 2009, both from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. I now work at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden)

New paper! (Jan 2018) Prade, Bj√∂rnsson, Lantz & Ahlgren. Can domestic production of iLUC-free feedstock from arable land supply Sweden’s future demand for biofuels? Journal of Land Use Science  Vol. 12 Link

New popular science publication (in Swedish)! Biodrivmedel och markanvändning i Sverige Link